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connectivity -- connectivity, kennedy felt there was something different about missiles being smuggled into cuba and the fact submarines could operate in the ocean or the soviets to build missiles in cuba. tried to drawn he tro from the crisis is to avert crises going forward, both the u.s. and soviet union needed to be clearer about what he called the precarious rules of the status quo. when the competition between the u.s. and the soviet union so that neither would surprise the other with a reckless venture
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within the others' zone of core interests. >> you have to leave it there. perfect conclusion. thank you so much. we are out of time. thank you for joining us. he's the director of the harvard university for science and human affairs. thank you. >> thank you for having me appeared that website is cu also tomorrow, bob deans talks about the federal issue. thank you. we will see tomorrow. [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> c. the second presidential debate tuesday live on c-span, c-span radio and next. come "newsmakers" would jim jordon. then the debate between vice president joe biden and paul ryan. after that we will show you the 2000 a presidential town hall debate between senators barack obama and john mccain. >> this week on "newsmakers" jim jordon, and republican of ohio
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and chairman of the house republican committee joining us from dayton, ohio. here in washington, at nicole duran and jonathan strong. >> at the first presidential debate, mitt romney went hard to the center in temperament and substance. last night at the vice- presidential debate we saw paul ryan take a position on abortion that is more moderate than the one he had prior to becoming the vp pick. are you worried that this is the sign that the real mitt romney is moderate? what would you do if he embraced a simpson-bowles type plan? >> i do not necessarily think they moved from standard conservative positions. both governor romney and congressman ryan talked about the need to not raise taxes.
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they talked about the need to keep our defenses strong. they both talked about reducing spending. we're heading for a debt crisis. they both talked about the pro- life, recognizing the sanctity of human life and the family institution. on the four key principles that define the republican party, the defense, lower taxes, traditional values, and these guys are rock solid. americans understand this is what makes our country great. that is what the party of ronald reagan is all about. i do not think there deviating. >> mitt romney told the iowa editorial board that he does not foresee abortion legislation coming to his desk or putting
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something for it. is that ok with your conservative members? >> look, i am pro-life. at romney is pro-life. the bass majority of americans are pro-life. we're talking about unborn children. he was saying taxpayer dollars should not be used to take the lives of unborn child. president obama has said that our tax dollars can be used in that way. gov. romney was very clear about planned parenthood should not be getting your tax dollars and using them to take the life of unborn children. his very strong on the use of taxpayer money for abortion and not being supportive of that, which is where conservatives are. >> once all of a question.
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romney won support a cap and trade, enacted a health care plan the conservatives did not like, you must have strategizing about what you do in the house in the event that he did tack to the center. if you're not worried? >> we are focused on the next 25 days and making sure that mitt romney wins our state. if he wins our state to a most likely be president of united states. that is what we're focused on, beating barack obama. >> i wanted to change focus a little bit and talk about the upcoming lame duck session. before you left to campaign, congress passed a continuing resolution that funds the
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government into next year. one of the purposes was so that tough decisions could be made on the so-called fiscal cliff during the lame duck. it seems we're hearing that congress is going to punt on the lame duck and of the fiscal clip issues and not tackle the upcoming sequestration. i have a two-part question. do you think that is looking more likely? how will lawmakers explained that one for months we have had this buildup that if we do not do something in december bad things will happen? >> it all depends on who wins the election. it mitt romney wins and if we get 50 votes in the senate, in a sense to wait until we have a president romney and to have a republican consultant and things richer actively. you would get a better deal for
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the american people. there are now accountable to the voters. if we win, the strategy makes sense. if not, all bets are off and it will be one big fight in the lame duck. i am confident that it running will be the next president. >> holding of may make sense politically. >> and not just politically. policy wise. the last lame-duck session we had 87 republican freshmen on the way to congress yet we cut a deal with the president on a number of tax policy issues, military policy issues, the start treaty. i advocated let's wait for the
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87 reinforcement and all this freshman class to come in. even the last link adduction -- lame duck session we should have waited. you give better policy. >> army in a different situation this time -- art in a different situation this time? can you really handle everything retroactively? they are downgrading the u.s. debt. >> do not forget. we have already passed legislation that would handle things. we passed a bill that said let's not cut national defence. let's make cuts elsewhere in the budget.
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we already passed that legislation. we've already passed a bill that says do not have taxes go up on any american out there. we passed it. it sits in the senate like so many good people. the house has done its work. we pass these to deal with the fiscal cliff situation. harry reid will not bring it up for a vote much less debate them. you are right. the president has been very clear that is not going to happen. if we get to a lame duck session and we have a republican congress and senate and republican in the white house, i think we would get better policy. let's wait. one of your republican colleagues i guess was a doctor in tennessee in the early 200720
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-- in 2007 when he had an affair with one of his colleagues. i was just over in the capitol building. he was presiding over the session. do you have any remarks about his conduct and whether you think he should be presiding over the chamber? >> that is a personal situation. that is something they will have to handle. >> do you think he should resign en? >> i just think anyone has called for that. it is something you have to take up with his family. they will make a decision on election day like the candidates on the ballot.
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>> moving on to the next congress, and this past congress we have seen repeated instances where speaker bayer was able to pass a bill in the house of getting to the credit votes from his right wing. there are a maneuvering, looking for opportunities for they can become the pivotal players on bills. john boehner is clinton need their vote to pass again. how do you do that? doesn't render the and services less powerful? >> we do not know. we can say they think might happen. there have been a number of locations where the house republican congress has been united, passing good legislation that conservative support it.
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that made sense for taxpayers all over the session. you will see that again. they can speculate all they want. our job is to push policy in the direction we can. when we have been most united is will we have put forward good conservative principles, but policy and legislation. you will see more of that as we move into the next congress. >> can i ask you about the attacks and libya against the ambassador there? there is a hearing held this past week. the "washington post" noted house republican tax cut spending for embassy security by 128 million. and that under paul ryan's budget an additional 400 million
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would be cut to embassy security. was that wrong to do in hindsight? >> what was wrong in hindsight was the way the department and state handled this situation. the hearing make clear that this quest to get to normalized security operations at trump's securities. politics trump security. there are several things that stand out. it seems you should be on high alert. there were 230 that all came out in the hearing. it was the 13 months prior to the attacks on our embassy. 230. on the to under 31st, there but to blame it on a video. you have repeated requests.
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they have been there eight and nine months respectively and ask for additional help. they have never been so libya but they denied the professionals on the grounds. >> you have all that. there it all we are blaming it on some ridiculous video that has been out there for months. this thing was done completely wrong. that is the real tragedy. the guys on the grounds of the need more security. they repeatedly asked for it and were denied. >> going forward, do you think republicans will restore some of the millions of dollars? >> millen cited budgetary
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concerns. they said we want to get to a normalise security operation which is the language they use to have more libyans guarding the party. it was not related to a budget situation. they said for politics this is what we want. >> the information we got from the white house that this was a spontaneous protest renown know is wrong. you are on the oversight panel. do you know whether it was a deliberate deception? what evidence you have for either scenario? >> those are the two key questions. it is why we want at some point to have the secretary in front
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of a committee in the united states congress. she needs to come in front of the congress and answer those two questions. those are key. did you know? did come out by this letter friday to come out five days later and mislead the american -- did you come out later to mislead the american people? we lost an ambassador and three other americans. they were killed on that day. it looks like if we given them this by those on the grounds maybe that might not have happened. >> has he been invited to appear before the committee? >> i am not sure. they're certainly going to be a push to get secretary rice in
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front of the congress. i think there will certainly be a move to make that happen. >> i will return to the lame duck. we'd have no idea what will happen. series a due makings have to occur. in the past it has been problematic for speaker john boehner to keep this conference together. do you see a new problems or threats to his speakership emerging? >> not at all. look, speaker john boehner has done a good job in a tough situation. he has to work with barack obama white house. he has to work with senator harry reid. he also has to work with conservatives like myself and the republican committee. it is a tough job. he is handled it well. -- he has handled it well.
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so much of what may or may not happen in the lame-duck session depends on what happens on election day. i think it is going to be a good day for republicans. >> are there discussions happening now between yourself and leadership and the house studies committee? are you talking about how to deal with these issues? >> we are talking about what may or may not happen in a lame duck session. what we're mostly focused on doing particularly here in ohio is helping it romney win this race in our states and he can the president. that is the focus. it is how we decide big things. right now we are three weeks away from a big election. that is our focus. there are conversations going on among some members of the house representatives of all and there may not take place.
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>> quickly on the ohio. you are in higher. center rob portman is an ohio. that is the swing state that he seems to have struggled in the most. why? >> we are a states. we are the seventh largest state. 11.5 million people. we have a big city, small towns, automobile industry. we have the whole gamut. we are a cross-section of the country. our country is split politically, red blue. that is the way it is. the history is he cannot get to the white house if you do not when our state. we are a composite of the country. i think the energy issue will play big. i really do. people in south east ohio
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archetypical swing area. it to be difficult for people to vote. the animosity this and the lustration has shown and their infatuation they have had with anything grain, as evidenced by the loan guarantee program for more information comes out each day about this is a solyndra program. this is where taxpayer money was spent on 26 companies. 22 had a credit rating of double b minus. that is a fancy way of saying junk status. it was ok to give them your tax dollars. three have already gone bankrupt. solyndra being the most famous. there are more to follow. there are examples of cronyism.
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we have had hearings on this and our subcommittee. this energy issue will play bay. it will put mayor ronnie over the top and allow him to when. -- mitt romney over the top and allow him to win. >> your first choice was to have more spending cuts. ari worried about what that would do to the credit rating of the country? >> we need to do two things. you have to control spending. we are going to have to spend less money. you have to cut spending. that alone will not solve the problem. you have to put in place
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policies that are conducive to economic growth. to get growth you should not raise taxes. it should lower the tax burden. we need to lower the overall burden if you can. then you need to do the things we talked about here. common sense energy policy. these are the areas that will create a framework that is conducive to growth. if the democrats will not go along, we should not raise taxes. we should lower them. >> what are your personal aspirations in the house?
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what are your plans? d.c. yourself climbing to the highest rungs of the house tax free do you see yourself climbing to the highest rungs of the house -- do you see yourself climbing to the highest rungs of the house? >> we will worry about those other issues and concerns after the election. i have been saying this. i believe it. we are at one of those historical moment for our country. we will decide to different directions we can go. it is one of those moments of magnitude. we always know the moment to never forget on a personal or family level. big goals you have any accomplish them. sometimes those moments of significant take a broader context. they apply to an entire country.
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we're at one of those moments. my focus is making sure we do everything we can to help mitt romney win. after that happens we will look at other issues. >> would you be open to serving in a romney administration bac? >> that is not in the cards. i did not plan on doing that. i do not plan on meeting -- rennae for any of the leadership positions. this is something we will deal with after the election. >> i know you're confident that governor romney will win and that republicans will take over the senate. if the wake up november 7 to the status quo, how is congress going to deal with these very real problems? they have shown with the republican controlled house that we have not been able to figure
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much out. how would the 113 congress able to do better than the hundred 12? >> if that happens we should stand firm on republican principles. we just had an election two years ago with the american people spoke up pretty loudly and clearly when they sent this class to republican hands. do you think they were sending us to washington, and now you can go there and compromise? we will need to go there and stop the crazy spending. stop obamacare. i would argue it is very clear that the american people said go there and stop what this guy is doing.
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i still think that is there. it will be there after the election regardless of what may and may not happen. we need to remember that. we need to stand firm on republican and conservative gang ofles >> the gam eight has been trying to come up with a compromise on the fiscal cliff. would you be open to anything they will come up with? >> i will not be open to raising taxes. that is wrong. that is the last thing we want to do. a bunch more tax increases are coming with obamacare. we do not want to increase the tax burden. the other thing we have to be concerned about is if there is a move to suspend the sequestered,
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that is a mistake. if there is a move to spend that member what happened last week. a week later the market had taught a total of 1300 points. the schedule cuts that are supposed to take place, if those are suspended, the only thing the taxpayers would have gotten is to $0.40 trillion in debt. we would not have done any reform or savings. that is a concern. the only thing worse than cutting national defence is not having any scheduled cut at all. we have to be real careful there is a move just to suspend the
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sequestered. that is a mistake. the proper approach is what we have already passed, a bill that said let's replace it with savings from elsewhere in the government. we do want to make sure our national defense is as strong as possible. that is the right approach. >> yes today report came out that issa wanted to show a report that showed a big uptick in jobs. his office said he had but they hinted that he investigated that. do you have a reason to suspect there is any kind of doll play? >> i have not had a conversation with him on this. i talked to him about the situation in libya. i heard somewhere a report that maybe california had not

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